Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tiger Cup Semi Final : 2nd leg - Malaysia 1 - 4 Indonesia

Yeah, so we lost. There isn't much to say other than we played very well for the first 60 minutes what happened afterwards was a case of chasing the shadow. Very sad, especially after the good start.

We were 1 up in the first half, and come the second half the indonesians starts playing long ball and our defenders are too slow for their twin terror on both flanks. End result we got 1 while they got a beautiful 4.

Along the way there are fights, fireworks (illegal ones lah) and plenty of action.

I'm too devastated to wrote it all down. Thus i let the pictures do the talking


Happy and excited fans!

The support that night. The atmosphere was fantastic!


2 - 1 down and down goes this fella & at 3-1 ..................................



Nevermind. There's next time. A very optimistic fan

After the game its all friends again.

After the fights and what not here we are high fiving them outside of the stadium



To this Indonesian couple. They carry their child who is no more than 8-10 months to the game. Note the baby in the blue sling. Such enthusiasm!


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All pics nicely aligned and of the same size as well! Me impressed! Salut!

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