Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tiger Cup Semi Final : 2nd leg - Crowd Control

I was there and so was lcti. We sat just next to the indon fans section.
Yes there were fights.

who to blame? blame the stadium management. They are not suppose to let supporters from different teams mixed. An Ideal situation should be where one set of supporter occupy a section of the stands and all of its ground, 1st & 2nd level. That way if they were to throw some missiles it'll be at their own supporters.

What happened yesterday was a disgrace.

The indonesian supporters got hold of the lower tier (G floor) facing the grandstand usually reserved for home supporters and half of the 2nd tier (1st floor).

We, the Malaysian Supporters was everywhere except the area mentioned above. Behind the goalkeeper area there's a mixed between the 2 supporters.

As usual in any match there will be stuffs thrown and what not. As usual the lower tier people will be at the mercy of those sitting on a higher tier so few missiles we're thrown by the malaysian supporters on top. When we got our first goal we we're celebrating like mad. Somewhere along the way there's that commotion on the field with the Indonesian players wanting to whack the referee.

So what happened? The indonesian fans at the lower tier throw just about everything to the field and that includes our seat's backrest. Yeap! seeing that some supporters got pissed and throw stuffs at them and some firecrackers too.

Come half time, it got worst as there's no football to divert the attention and as you guess it fights!

The indonesian supporters are obviously not happy being thrown those empty drinks and what not. Some Indonesian supporters move to the 1st tier however there are those on the 2nd tier (where we sat by the way) pulled a Malaysian from the 3rd tier and whack them.

Yeap fights! some malaysian supporters come down and protect the fellas and some peace loving indons fans too. This, that, this, that, police came and make arrest. kaotim.

The 1st tier incidents that you saw is the climax from mineral water thrown by mostly indonesian supporters to malaysian. Obviously they're not happy with those on top that throw stuff at them and they resort to overwhelmed the Malaysian supporter behind the goal and throw stuffs at them. Some even went to Malaysian supporters and push etc etc.

It was pretty much Indonesian supporters right until whatever left of the Malaysian supporters there decided to make an all out attack. Thus what you see on the telly.

What was not shown however is that The FRU confiscate several sticks (long ones), wood planks and worst of all the grille that block in between sections from the indons fans.

So it was pretty bad and ugly.

But after the game, my mates and I lead by my bro in law we make peace and ask the Indons supporters to whack Kaw the Singaporeans! Seriously. Those who are involved in the fights are the unruly ones while there are plenty good ones around.

Yeah so we fought taunts throw things at each other but after the game the same bung ajis (so the name says on the Jersey) accept our cheer and applause to them in good manner with smile.

Outside the stadium we're high fiving the indonesian supporters and exchange the headband and even took photos with them.

Don't believe? I'll post the photo in my blog later.


HANTAM SINGAPOREEEEE!!!!!!!! ehehehheehhe


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i'm sure keriso will sokong dat 100% hehehehe

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