Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Unity - Malaysian Artiste for Unity

I'm just plain lazy nowadays.

Areysha kept pestering me for updates (cause she is the only one who reads apparently :P) but most of the happening stuff are either too personal or something that I have to do some bloody good research on. Unlike Iddy who forver crave for something to poke, flip, dissect, put in some statistical test (or whatever else these researchers do) I'm not like that.

Plus, the fact that only Areysha's the only one reading also makes it redundant innit? Since I told her oredi marh... niasing.

Nowadays I'm darn lazy to update my blog even for a worthy cause like the typhoon and earthquake issue recently. Unlike those days when I really go all out for these stuff and publish what have youse when it comes to channeling donations etc etc. Gosh am I guilty....

This one though is a different. It is something I really really believed in. Plus the fact that it is bloody good music. Check out the videos too. Darn kaw funny I tell you.

Basically it is a project by Malaysian artistes and just about everybody to promote unity in our increasingly fractured Malaysia. There were total of 120 involved in the making of this marvelous venture. With Zero budget too.

This is a fresh change from the govt's initiatives which reeks of propaganda and what have youse (who can forget our 50th Merdeka bash aye?). You can see more and more of such initiative be it in small scale or something as well publicised as this. It is heartwarming to see that such an initiative come from the people itself and there's no need for some massive govt's backed initiative, tax breaks etc.

so do your part, go to the site and spread the word


p/s Yes, there's Maya Karin in there but worry not she didn't sing. Pheew!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love that song too!!! I do... I think it's really cool..

I miss you. I've been sick. And sad. My boss bitched about me and now I am department-less.

I am thinking of going back to journalism..


Hope to see you soon...

*hugs loads*

10:53 PM  

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